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      Advantage of Portable cold chain transportation temperature datalogger

      2018-12-14 10:41:53 245

      Portable cold chain temperature datalogger has advantages of data accuracy, synchronization monitoring of Temp & Humi, display at the same time and same screen, as well as convenient to cooperate. Matching with cloud online, can analyze and output the data, meanwhile support recorder to connect portable printer for printing data. The application of this product will improve safety of cold chain transportation. Below is the details:

      data logger|cold chain monitoring|honeylink technology

      1.     Wide measurement, high accuracy

      This recorder is widely used for measurement, can record low temperature and high temperature; The whole procedure of record is displayed, high accuracy, small tolerance, furthermore, can be set up time interval by customer based on requirement, the application is hommization

      2.     Varity of alarm system

      During transportation of medicine, biology or storage, it is strict for monitoring temperature and humid, as well as data in real time should be known in time. This portable recorder has buzzing alarm and message alarm style. Alarm will work when monitoring abnormal temperature to ensure transportation safety.

      3.   Big capacity data storage

      It does not matter how far of transportation distance, this portable recorder has 65000 pcs big capacity data storage function, to support whole procedure of detecting, meanwhile match with cloud online to report data to customer.

      4.     Multi placing

      This product is named portable one, as it can be put in any place of truck and goods, as well as fixed on truck.