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      The necessary of temperature monitoring of cold chain food

      2018-12-14 10:42:19 162

      During transportation of food, either for decreasing waste or keeping good taste, it is necessary to use temperature monitoring. Food cold chain monitoring system can match with logistics companies/consignor/receiver to realize to monitor temperature in truck or container in real time. 

      Related specification of food cold chain monitoring system is below:  

      1. real-time collection of figure, time interval can be set up by customer

      2. product can monitor the change of environment temperature in the whole procedure, and check , analyze the figure with software. The figure and chart can be saved and printed out. 

      3. software on line can show up temperature data, clock, alarm and etc. so that customer is clear of environment temperature currently. 

      data logger|cold chain monitoring|honeylink technology

      4. Instrument use LBS to support track playback for customer locating alarm place in short time and find efficient solution.

      5. Recorder works constantly in 24 hours, uploading data in real time.

      6. instrument has low power consumption with 5000maH