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      Honeylink 2018 Shenzhen International IOT Transmitter Forum

      2018-12-14 10:39:20 509

      On July 31- Aug 1th, 2018, Honeylink attended Shenzhen International IOT Sensor Forum. GM, Paul Pan was invited to give speech in the Forum, stating the application and practice of Temp & Humi Transmitter in the field of Cold Chain.

      data logger|cold chain monitoring|honeylink technology

       With developing and progress of science & technology, billions of transmitters are integrated in many instruments such as intelligence transportation, agriculture, vehicle and industrial machine. An IOT world of science & technology are more and more near to us. Considering application of Temp & Humi monitoring technology in the field of Cold Chain, Honeylink showed why the Humi & Humi transmitter becomes one key point in Cold Chain industry system, such as safety, speeding transportation of food from farmland & workshop to dining table of customers, decreasing waste of food, improving life quality and etc. 

      data logger|cold chain monitoring|honeylink technology

      This forum was hold by China IOT Union, supported by China NB-IOT Industry Union, Shenzhen Standard Technology Research Institute, Chengdu IOT Developing Industry Union, Beijing Zhongguancun IOT Industry Union.