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      GUANGDONG YANTANG DAIRY CO., LTD installed Temp & Humi monitoring products from Honeylink

      2018-12-14 10:42:55 143

      In order to keep the good quality in the end of sales, Yantang choose Honeylink for cooperation after comparing Honeylink with other suppliers. Temp & Humi recorders are installed in cold storage and freezer in the end sales of Yangtang. Yantang is famous milk enterprise in Guangdong. For ensuring best milk quality and taste at end-consumer after out of factory, Yantang audit quality management system and stores Temp & Humi monitoring for product transportation and storing. Assisting customer to manage quality, Temp & Humi monitoring products are installed in freezer and cold storage, which collect and upload real time data of Temp & Humi to produce history data and curve change diagram. Customer is clear of temperature change from stores. Instrument has localization function of LBS, so that customer can find actual address in time if figure is abnormal.

      The first 100pcs products has been installed and working in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou and etc. on Sept. 20, 2018.

      data logger|cold chain monitoring|honeylink technology